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Large Lower Cambrian Camptostroma from PA
Stock Number  XICAMP709
Wholesale Fossil of the Week

Name:   Camptostroma roddyi
Age:  Lower Cambrian
Formation:  Kinzers Formation
Location:  York County, Pennsylvania
Size:  Campto itself is 2.3 inches across
Price:  $48.00

This is a very rare fossil. It is a large Camptostroma roddyi from York County, Pennsylvania. Camptostromas are one of the earliest known types of echinoderms. Found in the Lower Cambrian, these rare, Medusa-like animals had a distinct plate structure and an unusual orange-brown coloration in the Kinzers shale. This enigmatic fossil has fine detail and contrasts well with the lighter-colored matrix. The tiny, distinct plates are easily seen under magnification. The large Campto displays well on the repaired plate of shale that also contains a partial Olenellus cephalon. This is a very cool Lower Cambrian echinoderm/trilobite association piece from Pennsylvania.

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