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Cool, Spiny Trichopeltarion greggi from New Zealand
Stock Number  XICR702

Name:   Trichopeltarion greggi
Age:  Pliocene
Formation:  Motonau Beach
Location:  North Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand
Size:  Concretion is 2 inches across
Price:  $78.00

Here is an unusual crab species from Down Under. It is Trichopeltarion greggi from New Zealand. Almost always, only the carpace of the crabs are found on this species. They are a deep sea spiny crab with many frilly spines around the edge of the shell. This specimen displays the frills quite well. The detail is very nice, and the orange-white color is striking and fully natural. This is a nice, affordable example of this rare, ornate crab from New Zealand.

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