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Large Baculite Preserved in Concretion
Stock Number  XIOC43
Wholesale Fossil of the Week

Name:   Baculites sp.
Age:  Cretaceous
Formation:  Pierre Shale Formation
Location:  South Dakota
Size:  Baculites is 5.3 inches long
Price:  $38.00

Here is a very displayable example of Baculites sp. from the Cretaceous of South Dakota. Baculitidae are characterized by an ammonitella (coiled embryonic shell) followed by a long straight shaft. This specimen is a large portion of that shaft. This Baculites is still preserved in its natural concretionary matrix and is very 3-dimensionally preserved. The complex suture pattern is seen on one end, and the iridescent nacre is fully natural. This is a striking Baculites from the Pierre Shale.

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