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Very Unusual Crinoid Holdfast and Others
Stock Number  CCROOTX3

Name:   Crinoid Holdfast and Other Fossils
Age:  Silurian
Formation:  Waldron Formation
Location:  Waldron, Indiana
Size:  Plate is 8.2 inches across
Price:  $68.00

Here is a very interesting association of fossils. It is a large crinoid holdfast and other fossils from the Silurian of Indiana. The quarry where this specimen was found is now filled with water. This holdfast is very 3-dimensional and exhibits great detail. The stem attachment point is easily seen, and the branching pattern of the ''rootlets'' is clearly defined. There are also gastropods, brachiopods, a crinoid cup, and many other fossils preserved on the plate. The fossils have excellent color and contrast and are well showcased on the large, semi-rectangular plate of dense shale. This is a fabulous example of a Silurian sea floor bottom from the Waldron Shale.

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