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Rare Physetocrinus and Macrocrinus Association
Stock Number  CCUSM38

Name:   Physetocrinus ventricosus and Macrocrinus verneuilianus
Age:  Mississippian
Formation:  Upper Burlington
Location:  Des Moines County, Iowa
Size:  Plate is 3.1" X 4.1"
Price:  $58.00

This is an uncommon association of crinoids. They are Physetocrinus ventricosus and Macrocrinus verneuilianus from Iowa. Both of these types are unusual to find, especially in Iowa. The Physetocrinus is huge - 1.8 inches across! The plate detail is excellent. The Macrocrinus also has very nice detail. Both crinoids sit on a beautiful rust-colored matrix plate. This is a displayable example of these two fine Upper Burlington Formation crinoids.

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