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Large, Bug-Eaten Sycamore Leaf from Utah
Stock Number  WFGRL303

Name:   Macginitiea wyomingensis (Sycamore Leaf)
Age:  Eocene
Formation:  Green River Formation
Location:  Bonanza, Utah
Size:  Leaf is 5.6 inches long
Price:  $78.00

This is a very unusual fossil leaf. It is a large Macginitiea wyomingensis (Sycamore) Leaf from the Green River Formation of Utah. This leaf has been bug-eaten - almost the entire center lobe has been devoured! The slightly serrated margins of the leaf are easily seen, and the venation is clearly defined. A long petiole is still tightly attached to the base of the leaf. The natural, dark-brown color of the leaf contrasts strikingly with the lighter-colored matrix. The fossil is well centered on the semi-squared plate of shale. This is a textbook specimen of a large Sycamore leaf with major insect damage.

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