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Nice Acrosalenia Sea Urchins from France
Stock Number  AA612063

Name:   Acrosalenia hemicidaroides
Age:  Jurassic
Formation:  Grand Oolithe Layers
Location:  Neufchateau, Vosges, France
Size:  Plate is 4.5 inches tall
Price:  $38.00

Here is a very collectible echinoid fossil. This is a set of Acrosalenia hemicidaroides from the Jurassic of France. These 3-dimensional echinoids are ornate and exhibit wonderful detail. The knobby nature of the sea urchins are quite distinct, and the narrow ambulacra can even be seen. Some of the long spines are still attached to the tests, which is EXTREMELY rare. The fossils have very good color and contrast and are well presented on the block of limestone that contains many other fragments of both echinoids. This is a fine triple specimen of this highly unusual echinoid from the Jurassic of France.

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