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Ornate Echinoid from North Africa
Stock Number  AA323063

Name:   Actinophyma libicum
Age:  Cretaceous
Formation:  Echinoid Beds
Location:  Morocco
Size:  Echinoid is 1.4 inches across
Price:  $37.00

Here is a very good example of an ornate echinoid. This is Actinophyma libicum from the Cretaceous of Morocco. This striking sea urchin has been preserved in the surrounding matrix so that it can be displayed in two different ways. The echinoid is very inflated and exhibits excellent detail. The test of the echinoid is covered with large tubercles, which were the spine attachment points. The thin ambulacra are beautifully displayed. Under magnification, the plate structure of the echinoid is clearly defined. This is a very nice specimen of an unusual sea urchin from Africa.

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