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Raw Unpolished Dominican Amber
Stock Number  MAMBER5
Too Cheap!
This item is temporarily out of stock

Name:   Rough Dominican Amber
Age:  Oligocene
Formation:  Amber Mines
Location:  Dominican Republic
Size:  50 grams (25-50 pieces)

This is a unique opportunity. We are now offering raw, unpolished Dominican Amber to investors looking for a hidden treasure. Each piece of amber contains an ancient kingdom. The secret is to polish the pieces or have someone polish them for you. Once polished, most pieces will be honey-colored and opaque to clear. Trapped inside could be flies, spiders, flowers, scorpions, or even a feather or a lizard! We can't tell what is inside the unpolished amber - there could be nothing or there could be a fossil worth literally hundreds of dollars. We guarantee that you will find AT LEAST one fossil fly in your lot or we will send you one. We sell this raw amber by weight - $25 for 50 grams, or only 50 cents per gram! There should be about 25-30 pieces in the lot. Honestly, without polishing the amber, we do not know what is inside. This is a fun project that could reward you with fossil riches!

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